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Environmentally friendly shopping bags will not produce harmful substances during processing

Time:2020/9/3 18:50:22Clicks:583
When the environmentally friendly shopping bag enters the garbage disposal process, it should not produce any substances harmful to the environment. Take the degradable environmentally friendly shopping bag produced by Shandong Tianzhuang Environmental Protection as an example. The polyethylene base material and the EBP degradation masterbatch with independent intellectual property rights can be completely degraded within two to three years, and only water and carbon dioxide will be produced after degradation. , Soil organic matter is truly environmentally friendly and completely degraded.
      Can bear weight. As a shopping bag, load-bearing is the basic requirement. In some shopping bags made of non-woven fabrics, the seams are directly glued together, and there is no bearing capacity at all. Imagine if one day you were walking on the road with a watermelon you just bought, and with a "bang", the watermelon fell to the ground and broke, that would be sad.
     Spread the concept of environmental protection. As an object that people use daily and frequently, the environmental protection shopping bag is a good medium for dissemination of environmental protection concepts. The biodegradable and environmentally friendly shopping bags produced by Tianzhuang Environmental Protection are printed with words such as "Let White Pollution Away from the Earth" and "Get Rid of Plastics", calling on everyone to use biodegradable environmentally friendly shopping bags instead of disposable non-degradable plastic bags. Contribute to the future of the earth.
     Can be used repeatedly. The reason why plastic bags are called "white pollution" is because everyone used them once and threw them away if they felt that the bag was dirty or broken. Eco-friendly shopping bags also require everyone to be environmentally conscious. No matter what kind of bag, you can use it several times.
   The degradable plastic bag has good load-bearing capacity and high toughness: A small bag can hold 4 kegs, which shows that the product is strong and not easy to break.
Sometimes we also use plastic bags to hold some food with water and soup. The biodegradable plastic bags produced by Tianzhuang Environmental Protection have high-quality nano materials, which are perfectly sealed, have good airtightness and do not leak.
A 0.025mm ordinary plastic bag is priced at around 0.2 yuan in the market, but after completing its mission, whether it is landfill or incineration, a plastic bag needs to go through a series of steps such as cleaning, transportation, and processing. The entire process is the least. The cost of a plastic bag is 0.001 yuan. Based on the daily consumption of 3 billion plastic bags by the people of the whole country, it takes 30 million yuan to dispose of plastic bag garbage every day.
The life of a biodegradable plastic bag
Since the birth of a degradable plastic bag, many experts and scholars in the field of plastic degradation at home and abroad have concentrated their efforts for many years.

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