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Biomass straw full degradation resin with full biomass degradation function

Time:2020/9/3 18:51:08Clicks:700
Introduction of Products of Biomass Straw Degradation (Introduction of Products)
Biomass straw degradation (injection molding grade) is based on PBAT as the main raw material, added with corn biomass (polylactic acid) and compatible additives to polymerize it to form a resin with a biomass degradation function.
The pellets are often light yellow, have a wheat fragrance, are easily decomposed by microorganisms, and are natural antistatic.
It has good coloring performance and can be directly processed into all kinds of toys, stationery, knives, forks, chopsticks, seedling cups, trays and other injection molded products on ordinary injection molding machines.
2. Physical Performance of Products
No. Test item Test result Test method
1 Appearance Milky white granular Enterprise standard
2 Density (g/cm3) 1.25 GB/T 1033
3 Moisture content (%) ≤0.5 GB/T 6284
4 Melt flow rate (g/10min) 5.0-8.0 GB/T 3682
5 Processing temperature range (℃) 180--210 GB/T 19466
6 Tensile strength (MPa) ≥15 GB/T 1040
7 Elongation at break (%) ≥50 GB/T 1040
8 Vicat softening temperature (℃) ≥110 GB/T 1633
9 Biomass content ≥100 Enterprise standard

3. Quality Inspection (Quality Inspection)
The total degradation of biomass straw (injection grade) has been tested by the National Plastic Products Quality Testing Center according to the national standard GB/T19277-2003.
4. Application
Biomass straw degradation (injection grade) is mainly used for injection molding and blow molding products, such as stationery, toys, electrical accessories, gardening supplies, CD boxes, beverage straws, etc.
5. Srock and Packing
This product is packed in 25KG lined and sealed, pay attention to moisture and sun protection.
China Renju Biodegradable Raw Materials & Products:
1) Degradable raw materials:
Bio-based degradation (wheat straw/grain fiber, straw plastic, straw composite material)
Corn starch polylactic acid degradation: PLA (polylactic acid);
Petroleum-based degradation (PBAT, PBS fully degradable resin)
2) Degradation of modified materials:
PBAT+ straw powder
3) Processing bag type: pet bag, self-sealing (self-adhesive) bag, drawstring bag, flat open roll bag, gas

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